Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17, 2010

Hello, Stephanie Castillo and Madeline Simmons here!

Today, we experienced our first trip to Bourbon Street. It was the complete opposite of Christianity. It was definitely not what we are used to seeing. It smelled all along the streets like waste and garbage.

We also went to the French Market where we learned how to bargain (: Here we really got an understanding of the New Orleans’ culture due to all the masks/beads/boas being sold everywhere. A couple of us purchased them!

After, we experienced our first youth gathering in the super dome. There were a lot of people and speakers who really touched our hearts. The praise team was great during worship too.

We then went to a dance at our hotel and it was lame at first, but then we mingled with other teenagers and made new friends from out of state!!


From Elise: Here are some of us after registering for the gathering, which we did before our walk on Bourbon St.

Also, we had breakfast for dinner at IHOP :]

Tomorrow is our first full day of gathering activities and our group will be experiencing the LIVE portion. Hope all is well at home and we appreciate the prayers!

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