Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Hola San Diego it’s Connor and Brandon . Today we learned about teenagers in a deeper perspective, as food deprivation is the most effective way to incite internal rebellion amongst teenagers. This morning we started the NYG experience with a 9am bible study with Rev. Dien Taylor. Suprisingly it was quite a wonderful experience as he was very energetic and up beat. The rest of the day we were allowed to roam free through the convention center going from different events throughout the convention center. Some of the kids were so into it they decided it would be okay not to eat and just check out as many things possible.(Brandon and Ryan) This obviously bit us in are butts as shown in the second sentence. Talking to all the diverse groups around America really shows us San-Diegans how fortunate of a life we are able to live. In the SuperDome we listened to a lady that lost her daughter at a young age due to a tragic accident. It shows us that we can’t change yesterday or worry about tomorrow but only to live today to the fullest, staying strong in our faith. We all met some pretty awesome bands and shows that Christian Rock isn’t as boring as I thought. See you guys soon Much love. Peace.

From Elise: Sorry for the lateness of the blog, but we didn't finish up last night until 1 and I was just way too tired to trek down to the lobby to update this. The first picture below this is our "where's AJ?" photo, we lost him for a quick minute on our way to bible study, but don't worry, we found him and caught up with the rest of the group in no time [thanks to google maps!]

2nd photo is our group waiting outside the BACKSTAGE door for the Echelon concert and the Jesus painter. Somehow our kids talked a staff member into letting us in early [this may or may not have involved Ryan's surgery scar], so we got front row [and second, and third row] seats! [I think Mike got some really good shots of the Jesus painter; we'll have to work on getting those up for you.]

Starting out today, everyone is healthy and happy. We're going to try to get some front row seats for mass event tonight, so we can have our ears blown out, and hopefully hug Hannah, who has been on stage every night! We SERIOUSLY appreciate your prayers, and hope everything is well at home.

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