Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TUESDAY, July 20th

Wow, I’ve had such an incredible time here at the National Youth Gathering! Because it was the last full day of gathering, we all gave it our all and got the best experience we could. Forgive my grammar, because it’s one in the morning right now, but I will do my best.

We started off our day by sleeping in, and then heading to the convention center for a day filled with more speakers, bands, and excitement. Because my family group was in charge of getting our group dinner for tonight, Bobby, Alana, and I spent over an hour in line waiting to place an order at Subway. It wasn’t a bad experience, though, because we made friends with the people from Arkansas behind us. The lady from Subway who placed our order was probably the sweetest person I have ever met; Having to deal with thousands of kids every day would seem stressful and frustrating, but she was calm and collected.

At two, a group of us went and saw “Questions You Can’t Ask Your Mama” by Craig Gross. The audience texted Craig…well…questions you can’t ask your mom. We also saw Remedy Drive, a great band that opened for Craig Gross.

After Craig Gross, the same group of us went and saw Bob Lenz, a hilarious speaker with a great message about forgiveness and grace. His act was opened by this Australian band, Charmaine, who were spectacular.

We arrived at the Super Dome early to get good seats for the last evening at the mass event. Connor and AJ rushed in and got us great seats near the front. Alana and I bonded with the group from Florida behind us, especially when we rapped and sang together. The mass event was incredible this evening. We started off singing songs with the band, like we had the two nights before, but then a huge group of choir kids and a (high school?) band came up on stage and performed great worship songs.

From Elise: At this point it was about 2 in the morning, and Julie headed to bed.

Last night was our worship service, so we had short messages from two different pastors, and we got a chance to commune with 27,000 other people. WOW. What an amazing experience. It was pretty close to an easter service, we had a reenactment of Jesus’ death on the cross, and of course, the resurrection. There were about 20 different dancers, along with a huge highschool choir and band. That band was so impressive, not having much time to practice, we’re sure. We’re checked out of our rooms and about to hoof it to the SUPERDOME one last time! Miss you guys! We’ll talk at you from Florida next!

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