Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MONDAY, July 19th

[The one between the boys is Mandee, and yes, that is chocolate that they bought her in her hands.]

What’s up guys it's Brandon and Ryan. Today may have been the day that we met our future wife (Mandee Redford). She is the lead singer of a two girl band named Alathea which means truth in greek. She had the most adorable accent that was mind bobbling. Enough with that we needed to just tell someone because everyone thinks we're weird and we are love struck. We sat in on a Bible talk taught by a pastor by the name of Scott Giger. We learned some hand gestures to give us a quick recap of the old testement. Maybe we can teach you guys some when we get home. We have to go its 1am and Elise is tired. Buh-Bye Saint Diego

From Elise: They make me sound like some awful dictator. The fact is, they stopped blogging to show me all of the hand signs they learned, and then said that they were done blogging, so yes, I did kick them out of my room :]

After the inter-centers finished two family groups hoofed it straight to the super dome in order to get a good spot in line for when the doors opened. The third family went to grab pizza for dinner. Needless to say everyone else in line was pretty envious and impressed by our dinner at the dome. Being there an hour before the doors opened payed off, we ended up in the 18th row on the floor, where the music is so loud you can feel it. The kids loved it, so thats the plan for today as well. Last full day of the gathering! Keep sending those prayers!

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  1. I had an even closer seat for the concert...my pc. Watched a few of the songs and skits. Looked for you guys, but didn't see you. The crowd sure sounded like they believed! Keith S.